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30 October 2014

Three blogs on 'How can governance be strengthened in decentralised health systems'

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21 October 2014

How can governance be strengthened in decentralised health systems? Lessons from Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda

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29 September 2014

Click here for the Cape Town 2014 PERFORM posters


PERFORM showcased in celebrations for international women’s day on 8th March. Read the Lancet Global Health blog to learn more about how gender equity analysis is being taken forward in PERFORM



PERFORM to host its 3rd Annual Workshop in Uganda, November 2013.

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PERFORM National Workshop 2 Reports for Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda are now live.

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Supporting decentralised management to improve health workforce performance in Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania

The single biggest barrier to scaling up the necessary health services for addressing the three health-related Millennium Development Goals for countries in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is the lack of an adequate and well-performing health workforce.

The deficit in health professionals needs to be addressed both by training more new health personnel and improving the performance of the existing and future workforce.

Most development and research emphasis has been on the first of these - increasing numbers (such as the PEPFAR programme to train 140,000 new health workers in Africa). There has been a serious neglect of initiatives to address the complex area of workforce performance. Examples of poor workforce performance include high vacancy and turnover rates at the management level and poor clinical behaviour and frequent absenteeism at the individual level.

PERFORM will focus on this aspect of the human resource challenge by providing new knowledge as to how district managers can effectively intervene within their current constraints to improve the performance of their staff as a response to the workforce crisis.